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Wawa might not be as safe as you think

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Wawa might not be as safe as you think.

Wawa, the place we all know and love, is under fire by the community due to a recent report that people who go behind Wawa are never seen again. Earlier this week, an anonymous caller claims that three high school students were last seen going behind the Wawa. The police have not found any bodies, and requested to go behind the Wawa, but the CEO, Chris Gheysens says that, “There is no reason to go behind the building, the call was probably a joke.” Parents are not convinced, and have gone on strike. We got a chance to speak to a women who says “I’ll be shopping at 7 Eleven until Wawa shows the public what they are hiding behind their stores.”

UPDATE: Two of the three kids have been found walking out from the back of the Wawa, but they won’t say what happened or if the third student is safe. About three hours ago, a group of six officers went behind the building to find the third missing student, but haven’t returned, and they have not responded on their walkie talkies. The SWAT team (Special

Weapons And Tactics) will be sent in if the third student or the other officers do not respond in the next 24 hours. Wawa CEO still objects, but the 4th Amendment (No searches or seizures without probable cause) supports the police in this situation.

Picture of third student (John Samimi or “Salami”), still missing. Call authorities if you have any information about this 16 year old boy.

Wawa is hiding something behind its cute act of “free coffee” and “Hoagiefest,” but what could it be? What happened to this innocent student? What happened to the six officers who ventured behind the Wawa? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

I am not lost chill kiddos

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO), is an algorithm by search engines that decides what sites show up higher in a list of websites. This helps because it shows users the sites they most likely want to go on. For a website to show up more often than others (higher page rank), it would need to have information, such as:

  • A webpage title (the title isn’t necessarily the big letters at the top of the site, it could be hidden in the code)
  • Quality content (if you don’t have what the user wants, they will leave and your site will get less activity)
  • Webpage load times (nobody wants to wait forever for a site to load, if your site loads slow, it wont be ranked as high)
  • Keywords (if your site has the keyword “red shoes” then anyone searching for red shoes may find your site)
  • Links to your site, from other sites (making fake sites will get you caught and your site will be dropped very low in page rank)
  • High security (if someone doesn’t feel safe using your site, or there have been reports of piracy, then it will drop in the rankings)
  • Mobile optimization (if your site can’t be viewed in a mobile format, it wont show up on mobile phones)
  • etc.

By having most, if not all of these, you can be sure to have a good amount of traffic going to your site. Otherwise, your site will be used very little and will become more of a liability than an asset.






Creating a Banner

There are millions of ways to create a nice banner for your website. I used Photoshop, and images from Google for mine. Here’s what I did in Photoshop:

  1. Created a new Photoshop document
  2. Inserted the imaged I wanted for the banner
  3. Fit the image on the canvas by dragging the edges of the image and holding shift
  4. Apply changes
  5. Used the text tool to create meaningful words that relate to my site
  6. Right clicked on layer and opened blending options and messed around with settings until the text looked nice
  7. Inserted images in white space (blank space)
  8. I added a box at the bottom with the rectangle tool to make it look nice
  9. Saved the canvas for the web and save it in Photoshop, in case I want to add stuff later





Amazon logo

What is Amazon, you might ask? Amazon is one of the biggest forms of E-commerce. The site is just one big online marketplace where businesses can sell anything. There are 3 ways you could use the site:

Normal shopping: Customer buys whatever they want, and wait normally 1-2 weeks.

Amazon Prime: An upgrade from normal shopping, decreases wait time to a few days. Usually used by people who will constantly shop on Amazon.

Amazon for Business: This form of the site is used by businesses to sell their products to people without having to have a store.

Amazon also wants businesses to be very comfortable and happy when using their site, so they have a promise called Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Their distribution centers will store/send a business’s products. This makes it less of a hassle for a business. To ensure a product gets to a customer, they have a code that the consumer can use to find where their product is and how long it will take for they to receive it. At the end of the month, Amazon gives the sellers the money they earned, and keeps 15-20%. If a business wants to handle their product on their own, they can just use Amazon as a way to advertise their product. This is called Fulfillment by Merchant. Amazon is really an amazing website where consumers and businesses can happily make transactions.