Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO), is an algorithm by search engines that decides what sites show up higher in a list of websites. This helps because it shows users the sites they most likely want to go on. For a website to show up more often than others (higher page rank), it would need to have information, such as:

  • A webpage title (the title isn’t necessarily the big letters at the top of the site, it could be hidden in the code)
  • Quality content (if you don’t have what the user wants, they will leave and your site will get less activity)
  • Webpage load times (nobody wants to wait forever for a site to load, if your site loads slow, it wont be ranked as high)
  • Keywords (if your site has the keyword “red shoes” then anyone searching for red shoes may find your site)
  • Links to your site, from other sites (making fake sites will get you caught and your site will be dropped very low in page rank)
  • High security (if someone doesn’t feel safe using your site, or there have been reports of piracy, then it will drop in the rankings)
  • Mobile optimization (if your site can’t be viewed in a mobile format, it wont show up on mobile phones)
  • etc.

By having most, if not all of these, you can be sure to have a good amount of traffic going to your site. Otherwise, your site will be used very little and will become more of a liability than an asset.






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