Creating a Banner

There are millions of ways to create a nice banner for your website. I used Photoshop, and images from Google for mine. Here’s what I did in Photoshop:

  1. Created a new Photoshop document
  2. Inserted the imaged I wanted for the banner
  3. Fit the image on the canvas by dragging the edges of the image and holding shift
  4. Apply changes
  5. Used the text tool to create meaningful words that relate to my site
  6. Right clicked on layer and opened blending options and messed around with settings until the text looked nice
  7. Inserted images in white space (blank space)
  8. I added a box at the bottom with the rectangle tool to make it look nice
  9. Saved the canvas for the web and save it in Photoshop, in case I want to add stuff later




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