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What is Amazon, you might ask? Amazon is one of the biggest forms of E-commerce. The site is just one big online marketplace where businesses can sell anything. There are 3 ways you could use the site:

Normal shopping: Customer buys whatever they want, and wait normally 1-2 weeks.

Amazon Prime: An upgrade from normal shopping, decreases wait time to a few days. Usually used by people who will constantly shop on Amazon.

Amazon for Business: This form of the site is used by businesses to sell their products to people without having to have a store.

Amazon also wants businesses to be very comfortable and happy when using their site, so they have a promise called Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Their distribution centers will store/send a business’s products. This makes it less of a hassle for a business. To ensure a product gets to a customer, they have a code that the consumer can use to find where their product is and how long it will take for they to receive it. At the end of the month, Amazon gives the sellers the money they earned, and keeps 15-20%. If a business wants to handle their product on their own, they can just use Amazon as a way to advertise their product. This is called Fulfillment by Merchant. Amazon is really an amazing website where consumers and businesses can happily make transactions.



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